Portland Uninsured Motorist Settlement: $300,000 for Car Accident Injuries

Key Details

  • Case Type: Car accident
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Injuries: The client suffered a concussion, along with knee, head, back, and neck injuries

Case Description

Our client was driving on Interstate 84 in Portland during rush hour when they became the victim of a rear-end collision. The impact was severe, resulting in a concussion and injuries to the knee, head, back, and neck. This traumatic incident left our client in need of immediate medical attention and extensive rehabilitation.

Legal Strategy

Attorney Newlin fought indefatigably for our client's best interests during a two-year battle with the insurance company. Our firm’s focus was on securing the compensation our client deserved for their injuries and attendant losses.


The primary challenge in this case was dealing with the uninsured motorist factor, where our client's injuries were significant, and there was no at-fault driver's insurance to cover the damage.


Through our unwavering determination and legal experience, we successfully obtained a $300,000 uninsured motorist settlement for our client. This settlement provided the necessary financial support to cover medical expenses and rehabilitation and compensated our client for the pain and suffering they endured due to the reckless actions of an uninsured motorist.

Disclaimer: Please note that past results do not guarantee future outcomes, and each case is unique. Our commitment to our clients' best interests remains unwavering.

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