Shoulder Injury Settlement — $112,000 Award

Key Details

  • Case Type: Rear-end collision
  • Location: Yamhill County, OR
  • Injuries: Frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tear requiring arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Case Description

Our client was driving in stop-and-go traffic in Yamhill County when they were rear-ended by a distracted driver. While the collision wasn't severe, the seat belt kept one shoulder in place while the other abruptly lurched forward upon impact.

Over time, our client developed a condition known as “frozen shoulder,” and an MRI later confirmed a rotator cuff tear. The injuries sustained in the accident necessitated arthroscopic shoulder surgery.


Our team was able to negotiate a settlement of $112,000 for our client without the need for a trial. This award assisted in covering the client’s medical expenses and providing vital support during the recovery process.

Disclaimer: Please note that past results do not guarantee future outcomes, and each case is unique. Our commitment to our clients' best interests remains unwavering.

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