Drunk Driving Accident Settlement — $60,000 Award

Key Details

  • Case Type: Drunk driving accident
  • Location: Interstate 5, Oregon
  • Injuries: n/a

Case Description

Our client was driving home from a study session with classmates when they were rear-ended on I-5. Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the at-fault driver displayed clear signs of intoxication.

Despite the police responding to the incident, the driver refused to take sobriety tests. To our client's disappointment, the police left the scene without issuing a DUII charge, citing understaffing due to ongoing protests.

Legal Strategy

Attorney Newlin recognized the importance of obtaining justice for our client. He deftly used the testimony of the responding police officer and the eyewitness accounts to build a compelling case against the drunk driver. By presenting the available evidence effectively, he managed to convince the insurance company to classify the incident as a drunk driving case.


As a result of Newlin’s strategic efforts, the at-fault driver’s insurer tripled its initial offer, ultimately settling the case for $60,000.

Disclaimer: Please note that past results do not guarantee future outcomes, and each case is unique. Our commitment to our clients' best interests remains unwavering.

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