DUI Accident Settlement — $50,000 Award

Key Details

  • Case Type: Drunk driving accident
  • Location: Highway 18, Salem, OR
  • Injuries: Injuries requiring chiropractic treatment for five months

Case Description

Our client was driving west on Highway 18 outside of Salem, Oregon, when a drunk driver attempted a left turn in front of her, resulting in a severe collision. 


Though the drunk driver held a $50,000 insurance policy, the insurance company was reluctant to pay the full amount due to our client's relatively short chiropractic treatment and full recovery.

Legal Strategy

Attorney Todd Newlin went the extra mile to gather evidence. He discovered social media posts made by the drunk driver making light of drinking and driving and acting like it wasn’t a serious offense.


Newlin used the cavalier nature of these posts to persuade the insurance company to fulfill their obligation and pay the full $50,000 settlement. This compensation acknowledges the seriousness of the accident and serves as a reminder that reckless actions like drinking and driving have real consequences.

Disclaimer: Please note that past results do not guarantee future outcomes, and each case is unique. Our commitment to our clients' best interests remains unwavering.

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